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In 1987 MFR RACING (Mike Feldner) was looking for a machinist to make prototype parts for racing transmission’s . Todd Bombaci was working as full time gear machinist at a major manufacturer in the Milwaukee area and loved racing so he stopped in at MFR to talk to Mike. A relationship was started and we started making custom parts for the T-10 transmission. In 1992 the manufacturing facility was closed and Todd Bombaci had to find new work so he went to a new gear manufacturer as general manager in charge of the facility. Thru out this time he went back to school and learned about gear design and heat treeting of gears. While I was general manager I hired a friend of mine Mark Barney to be forman of this facility who was an assembler of the major manufacturing facility I 1st talked about .Mark and I have worked together since 1978. We decided at about 1993 to start up our own machine shop. We did general machining and gear cutting for the racing industry. At about 1997 Mike Feldner was having problem’s with suppliers of racing transmissions . So Mark and I at 1 of our usual business meeting’s decided to build a transmission from scratch using existing case’s that where available to us. We came out with our 1st transmission in 1999 and came in 2nd in our 1st race which was not good enough for us. We went and changed some part’s to make it better and started winning races. We have continued to bring the quality of the transmission up to today’s standards. In the meantime we have brought new transmission part’s to the for front of racing .We designed a 2- speed transmission, 3-speed transmission,3-speed low ground clearance transmission,4-speed transmission and 4-speed heavy duty transmission also along the way numerous other parts for racing.  We have also designed Drive flanges and shifters . We have continued to keep our quality as our 1st priority and continue to keep winning races. At the present time we ship transmissions all over the world.







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