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1. 9310 Nickel Alloy Gears

2. Positive Dual Rail Shifting

3. Unlimited Potential With Gear Ratio's

4. Lightened Rollerized Reverse Setup

5. Engineered Gear Design For Strength

6. Fast And Easy Disassembly And Reassembly

7. Face Tooth Engagement For Positive Shifting

8. Caged Roller Bearing's On Main shaft And Cluster Shaft

9. Reverse Idler And Input Shaft

10. Balanced Design For Strength With Extremely Low Rotating Weight

Splined cluster shaft was designed for easy disassembly and reassembly for ratio change's. To increase the load strength the cluster shaft rotates on 4 caged roller bearing's. Thrust bearing's are used to decrease the end load friction when shifting thru the gear's. 2ND ,3RD and 4TH  gears are interchangeable.




With the demand for lighter rotating weight Roltek designed a lightweight reverse setup standard with the 4-speed transmission. The 39 tooth gear is cnc machined and cupped out to reduce weight. The center of the reverse idler is turned down to also reduce rotating weight. Caged needle roller bearing's are useded to reduce rotating friction. The gear on the idler shaft is removable for easy gear change's.

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